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Meet our Team


Technical Coaching Director

Coach Max has always had a passion for Football.


He is committed and focused on developing children at a young age.  


It is important to bring FUN into all our classes.  


Active sport participation helps to develop children’s confidence, social and sportsmanship skills.

FFA - C  Youth & Senior License


NPL1 - SAP U10  Coach (2016 - 2017)

NPL1 - SAP U11  Coach (2017 - 2018)

NPL1 - SAP U12  Coach (2018 - 2019)

NPL2 - SAP U12  Coach (current)

NPL2 - U13 YOUTH  Coach (current)​

SCHOOL SPORT PROGRAM (Patrician Bros - Blacktown)


CHILDCARE SOCCER PROGRAM (Little Village Kingswood)

NPL1 - SAP trials stage responsible U9-U12 (2016 - 2017)

FIFA Laws of the Game Certificate

PBTR (Play by the Rules) Child Protection Certificate

Working with Children Check Clearance

Soccer 4 Tots - Technical Coaching Director

Sydney Girls Football Academy - Technical Coaching Director

Sydney Boys Football Academy - Technical Coaching Director

One Goal Futbol -  Technical Coaching Director

Head Soccer Coach - Junior WPS (2014 )

Head Soccer Coach - Youth WPS  (2014)

Assisting in Grading for SUFC (2016)

U12 Coach - Nick Rizzo Football Academy Tournament (2016)

Junior Futsal Coach.


WWC (Working with Children) Check clearance.



He has played football abroad in Italy for Fiumicino,

He has trained with AS ROMA Primavera and has also played in theNPL for Northern Spirit  and  Apia Leichhardt

(coached by Rale Rasic) in Australia as a midfielder,

right and left wing.

He has also coached numerous football teams in various age groups.

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